Our Vision

Peace Pathways brings together partner organizations and individual peacemakers to develop relationships and share mutual ideas and programs supporting and advocating peace and justice.

Our Mission

Peace Pathways Board Members

David Davis

Board Vice Chair


David serves as legal counsel for the Community of Christ.

Cathi Cackler-Veazey

Board Chair


Cathi Cackler-Veazey has an extensive background in volunteer management, strategic planning, leadership development, diversity education/advocacy, non-profit board leadership, and development. She served as Community of Christ Temple Service Center director, Human Resource Ministries coordinator, and Comprehensive Development coordinator. 

Fran Zimmerman

Board Treasurer


Fran volunteers at the Peace Pavilion.

Chelsea McClain Pierce

Board Member


Sherie Moody-St.Clair

Board Member


Sherie has a passion for serving others.  She serves on her neighborhood association board, the Camp Cascade board, is the director of a camp for children ages 9 - 12 and teaches art classes for youth.  She also volunteers once a month at a local food kitchen that serves the homeless in her community. 

John Glaser

Board Member


Born in Whittier, California, John received a bachelor of arts with a major in history from Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa; a master of urban planning from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas; and a PhD in education from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. His professional involvement includes belonging to Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation.

Roxy Kellogg

Board Secretary


Roxy Kellogg is a retired Elementary School Educator. She earned her degree from Graceland University and has taught in public as well as private education settings since 1971. She has held a certificate as a trained Mediator since 2006. She has volunteered on the Peace Pathways Board as secretary for 3 years and as  a tour guide in the Peace Pavilion for 2. She is currently involved in fundraising for the pavilion.

Sue Sloan

Board Past Chair


Susan D. Sloan, an executive minister for Community of Christ, serves as World Church secretary. Born in Columbia, Missouri, she received a bachelor of science in business administration with a minor in human resource development from Park University, Parkville, Missouri. 

Kat Hnatyshyn

Board Member

Peace Pathways Board Members

Create pathways for justice and peace by connecting people, ideas, and actions.